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The ABC of the Éclair

Bake and take away chocolate, coffee and fruit éclairs for a feast of sweet French favourites, mastering both crème pâtissière and fondant icing


The Art of the Tarte

Learn the fundamentals of successful sweet pastry making and baking. Bake and take away with you Tarte au Chocolat, Tartelettes aux Fraises - complete with crème pâtissière filling - and Tartelettes Framboises Frangipane.


Daily Artisan Bread

Learn basic kneading, shaping and baking skills. Make and take home 3 different types of bread.


Advanced Artisan Bread

Learn how to make brioche dough, how to work with and refresh a sourdough starter, how to bake sourdough bread and try your hand at advanced Façonnage (bread shaping).